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Mindset and Success Coach

Kashish is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and coach.  She is dedicated to empowering women to wake up from the fog holding back their potential in life. As a coach, Kashish helps people seize their greatness and take unapologetic action by breaking through self-limiting beliefs. 

Why spend your life stressed out?  Why not accomplish what you want AND enjoy quality time in life? Kashish helps people to stop dumbing down what they really want in life, harness the power of personal mindset, and find fulfillment in success.

She is also the founder of Hack Your Schedule - a method that teaches entrepreneurs how to earn back 20% of their time without losing productivity.  After years of frustration believing the harder she worked the more she would achieve, Kashish admits that she was a cliché burnt-out entrepreneur. She became obsessed with finding quality time without having to sacrifice ambition or goals. She decided to pull together her experience as a former attorney, MBA, and go-getter in order to hack her own schedule and liberate herself from a never-ending to-do-list.  Now Kashish helps other female founders get ultimate, unapologetic control over their quality of life through simple strategies to master their time. 

Kashish’s journey as a speaker began while she was a contestant in the Miss India USA pageants, holding the title of Miss Congeniality for the USA in 2003.  As the first openly gay Miss India USA contestant, she began to dedicate herself to empowering other strong women to find their voice and live life unapologetically on their own terms.

Kashish has been privileged to speak at institutions such as the University of Michigan, Harvard, Yale, George Washington University, and through organizations such as Fiverr and General Assembly.

She is also the co-founder of EOO Styles, a swag strategy and promotional product printing firm based in the USA.

Kashish earned her MBA from Suffolk University, specialized in Organizational Behavior, in Boston and her Juris Doctor from Temple Law in Philadelphia.